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This is a picture of a woman having a phone call.If you live in St. George, Washington, Ivins, Hurricane, Bloomington, or Santa Clara, Utah, St. George Air Care is the local heating and cooling company for you. Reliable heating and cooling systems are quintessential elements of any a well-functioning home or business. Whether you need air conditioning repair, air conditioning installation, an air conditioning tune up, furnace repair, furnace installation, or air duct cleaning and repair, our technicians are on-call waiting to assist you. Anyone needing a variety of heating and cooling service solutions can contact St. George Air Care with the confidence that we will get the job done and return your home or business back to properly heated and cooled normalcy. At St. George Air Care, we will not only give you peace of mind by providing direct consultation, installation, repair, maintenance and cleaning for your most essential heating and cooling systems, but also by ensuring that your heating and cooling systems remain functioning at a high capacity for a long time to come.

Our mechanics are technicians are highly trained experts in our craft, and our representatives will address all of your heating and cooling questions and concerns when you contact us. We are dedicated to customer service and completely understand the major and minor inconveniences caused by faulty or non-functioning heating and cooling systems in your home or business. We are happy to assist you by phone or email to get to the bottom of what you need as soon as possible. We invite you to call the number listed on our website to speak with a technician or send us an email. Your business is always appreciated, and we thank you for choosing St. George Air Care!


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