Air Conditioning Repair St. George Utah

This is a picture of an ac technician.Is there anything more annoying or uncomfortable than an air conditioning system that isn’t functioning properly? At St. George Air Care, we know exactly how valuable your air conditioning system is to you. Our technicians are on call waiting to serve you and remedy all of your air conditioning issues. We are professional air conditioning technicians with ample diagnostic knowledge and technical repair skills. If you live in southern Utah and need air conditioning repairs, call us today! You can also request repair services online on our website. We can come onsite for a service call at your convenience and provide an up front estimate for any potential repair costs.

Complete Inspection and Diagnostic

Before getting to work on the particular issue that you called about, our technicians first like to be thorough. Our expertise demands that we provide a complete inspection and diagnostic of your entire air conditioning system before trying to determine what repairs are need. As our team knows air conditioners inside and out, we will first check all the boxes, such as the condition of your electrical system, compressor, refrigerant levels and pressures, capacitors and contacts, and your duct system and air ventilation. Our repairs come with a promise of durability. Rather than a quick solution, we are dedicated to providing the most long lasting air conditioning repair service in st. george utah. That and the most competitive rates.

Our Repair Service Guarantees

At St. George Air Care, we pride ourselves on being the best operation in southern Utah. We best the competition in every realm but doing that takes hard work and commitment. That is why we offer comprehensive repair services with a set of guarantees. We will do the best job for you. Our repair service is same day to get your air conditioning unit back working as quickly as possible to ameliorate any discomfort in your home. Our appointment scheduling is also flexible, though, so we can come whenever you like. All work we do is certified, licensed, and insured, as are our technicians.

Estimates and Warranties

Our company believes strongly in being honest and up front. This is why, upon finishing our comprehensive air conditioning system inspection and diagnostic, our technicians will write up an itemized repair estimate in front of you. We encourage you to look it over yourself, and our technicians will answer any questions and address any concerns you have on the spot. We want you to have full comprehension of which parts need repair and why, so we work in direct consultation with you throughout the entire process. St. George Air Care is also a factory authorized warranty dealer for the top air conditioning equipment manufacturers in the country. Make sure to inquire with our technicians about warranty options.

Replacement Considerations

We at St. George Air Care pride ourselves on being thorough. This is why we evaluate the entire status of your air conditioning system as part of our repair diagnostic process. Part of the repair process involves taking a look at every single component of your system and checking for any potential problems. Sometimes, when you call us over for repair work we will find that replacement is the most viable option. When considering repairs of severely damaged or worn down systems or individual components, its often the case that it would be more cost effective to replace it. New air conditioning technology also means that not only would replacement be cheaper in the long run, it will also make your system work a lot better.

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