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We know that sinking feeling you get when the furnace goes out. At St. George Air Repair, we know the central importance of a central heating system in any building. As part of our holistic HVAC installation and repair services, our team of expert technicians offer you the best furnace repair team in southern Utah and offer the best rates and guarantees for all of our work. If your furnace needs repairs, call us today so that we can get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your life and get the stress of your plate. All of our technicians are professionally certified to ensure that our repairs are dependable, durable, safe, and affordable. If you need furnace repair in St. George Utah, call us today!

Maintenance and Certification

The best way to avoid needing repairs at all is properly maintaining your furnace. That is why our team of expert technicians at St. George Air Care offer regular maintenance plans for our valued customers. We want to make furnace maintenance easy, convenient, and simple. Call our representatives for a one-time maintenance inspection or set up a regular maintenance schedule today. All our furnace repairs and services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for peace of mind. All of our technicians are rigorously tested to prove their knowledge and professionalism and are fully certified in furnace repairs. Our company is also fully licensed.


Keeping your furnace well-maintained is important to maximize its service lifetime. It is important than when you need repairs, you get repairs. However, sometimes it is difficult to know exactly when that is. We at St. George Air Care are not only dedicated the HCAC systems, but also to education. We want our customers to know exactly when to suspect your furnace needs repair. If your furnace is noisy, if you smell anything, especially gas, coming from your furnace, and/or if the furnace isn’t running you should give us a call immediately. Specifically for a furnace that isn’t running, you can try the old shut off and on again trick with the emergency shut off. If that doesn’t work, you will need us to take a look.


As furnaces are complicated devices, it needs to be checked over to make sure that repairs are needed in the first place. The problem could be something simply like the furnace switch is set to off or the thermostat isn’t properly calibrated. Our team at St. George Air Care offers full furnace diagnostic services to check everything, head to toe, to figure out precisely what your repair needs are. One thing we do is change the furnace filter, which should be done every three months. Poor efficiency from your furnace may very well be caused by a dirt-filled filter. We also check to see if your circuit breaker is properly calibrated for your furnace.

Any Furnace

Our expert technicians at St. George Air Care are the best at any type of HVAC repair, including furnaces, in southern Utah. We can repair any type of furnace, whether electric, gas, duel fuel, heat pump, oil or a boiler. With our collective experience, our crew knows exactly what to look for in all kinds of furnaces. Our team will locate, diagnose, and remedy any problem they find, though there may be larger issues and needed replacements. Faulty electric and gas furnaces usually indicate that the entire heating system has a mechanical problem that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Whatever your HVAC repair needs, we can help.

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