Air Duct Cleaning and Repair St. George Utah

This is a picture of an ac technician.Did you know that your air duct system is as important to cooling your home as the air conditioner is? We at St. George Air care are experts in air duct system cleaning and repair work. It is important for our customers to know how important the air duct system is. Without it, your air conditioning is useless. That is why we offer complete air duct cleaning and repair services. It is important to keep your system clean to maximize both its lifetime and the overall working efficiency of your home cooling system. If you need air duct cleaning or repair in St. George Utah, call us today!


What does air duct cleaning actually involve? Well, you probably cannot imagine all the dust and debris that accumulates in your air ducts. All of the accumulated dust and debris actually pollutes the air supply in the building where it exists. Dust is circulated throughout your house, which you breathe in. In order to have clean air, you need clean air ducts. What we do is start with a full inspection and diagnostic of your system to get an idea of how much dust and debris has accumulated in there. We then use specialized, professional grade brushes to scrape away the caked on dust inside your vents. Depending on how much is there, this part could take a while. This is followed by high powered vacuuming. We then double-check our work. When finished, the air quality improvement should be quite noticeable.


The benefits of keeping your air duct system clean are numerous. It’s a normal part of maintaining your HVAC system. While its crucially important, many people have no idea that not having clean air ducts is negatively affecting them, particularly those with allergies. You may have guessed that the primary issue is dust, and you would be correct. Dustless ducts are wonderful. In addition to dust, air ducts may accumulate pet hair, mold, or other potentially hazardous substances. When circulating through your home, this makes the air unclean. Clean ducts give you higher air quality which can save you in the longer term, both health wise and in terms of avoiding costly repairs down the road.


There are many things you can keep an eye on in terms of your air duct system to see if the indications suggest that cleaning or repairs are needed. For example, if you notice that your home seems to be accumulated more dust now than it did in the past, or you notice indications of dust or black residue hanging on to your duct openings, it is likely you have dust buildup in your ducts, in which case they’d need to be cleaned or repaired. Another sign would be odd smells emanating from your ducts. These signs tend to demonstrate the presence of contaminants circulating through your air, a definite indication that its time for a cleaning.

Air Duct Repair and Sealing

In terms of repair, the most common type of repair we do for air duct systems is to fix leaking ducts. This is a bigger problem than some might imagine. If your heating and cooling systems are like hearts, then the air ducts are like veins. Simply put, leaking ducts reduce your HVAC system’s capacity to operate or perform the functions its supposed to as air cannot travel through them as intended. This also can significantly raise your energy bill. We use professional grade technology to patch and seal any leaks in your air duct system.

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