Air Conditioning Installation St. George Utah

This is a picture of an ac installation.We at St. George Air Care service all of southern Utah for all of its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. When it comes to air conditioning installation, we best the competition in every way. Our professional engineers pride themselves on getting the exact specifications to suit your house exactly right, which is why we perform a long survey of your home before installation. Our responsibility is to design and install the ideal air conditioning system to suit your needs and ensuring the maximization of your system’s efficiency. If you need air conditioning installation in Southern Utah, call us today!

Pre-Installation Considerations

Installing an air conditioning system is often a very complex process. There are many types of air conditioning systems that do different things and are ideal in different situations. Before installing a new air conditioning system, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. These include questions about the needed size and filter, about the ductwork, its condition, whether it has air leaks or is big enough, and about the electrical wiring. Our professional engineers will answer all these questions and more during our comprehensive pre-install survey. Our team will also help you to get all the proper mechanical and electrical permits, so don’t worry about that.

Comprehensive Pre-Install Survey

Our team of licensed engineers offers the most comprehensive and thorough pre-installation home inspection in the southern Utah area. We take a holistic approach to air conditioning installation by considering all facets of your home’s energy solutions. We start out with a heat load calculation, followed by inspecting your home’s ductwork, measure the ductwork’s capacity for air flow, finding the hottest rooms in your house, determine the best placement of the air conditioning system, determine the dimensions of the return filter grill, and check your fuse box and electrical wiring. Once these determinations have been made, we consult with you on the best way to proceed. After which, our experts match the ideal equipment to your home’s specifications.

Duct System

Most people aren’t aware of the importance of their duct air distribution system in their home. At St. George Air Care, our job is to find the perfect balance between air conditioning equipment and your duct system. In terms of cooling your home, the importance of both systems is equal to each other. They have to work in tandem, which is where our specialized expertise comes in. How do they work together, exactly? Your air conditioning system and equipment produce the cool air for your home, while your duct system distributes it from room to room. So when installing a new air conditioning system, the exact specifications of your duct system are a pretty big deal.


Air Conditioning installation in st. george utah is a major process. We will dig deep for exact details and specifications so we can get you the very best AC unit set up. We simply don’t view it as a simple replacement for your only system, but rather as a wholly and custom engineered air conditioning system to suit your home’s needs exactly. We design and install air conditioning units to fit your house like a glove. Our expert engineers will select and install equipment to get the highest possible performance and the best price. Don’t forget to ask our engineers about support, warranty, and rebate information. We’ve got all your bases covered.

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